Debug Maple Mini Clone with Visual Code in Linux

Found maple mini clone is collecting dust and wanna to bring them back to life.
Here are the steps to flash or debug the code.

  1. Follow this reference to setup development environment. (Fork backup)

    1. Install STM32CubeMX from STM32
    2. Install arm-none-eabi-gcc arm-none-eabi-gdb arm-none-eabi-newlib
    3. Install make
    4. Install openocd
    5. Install vs code with extensions: stm32-for-vscode, ms-vscode.cpptools
  2. Follow this reference to create a blinky project. (pdf backup here)
    First Code – Nefastor Online maple mini project code gen

    1. Note: Project Manager->Project->Toolchain/IDE and set it to Makefile. according to bonnee/
    2. Note: Under the Code generator tab, enable the Copy all used libraries into the project folder option. This step is needed because stm32-for-vscode doesn't support the implicit inclusion of libraries yet. according to bonnee/
  3. In vscode press F1 and run Build STM32 Project and F5 to debug

  4. make and st-flash write build/maple-mini-blinky-cubemx.bin 0x8000000